OneFootball Has Raised 300 Millions To Get In Cooperation With NFT Companies

As can be seen from a corresponding announcement this week, OneFootball app has set up a joint plan called in cooperation with the NFT companies and brands. The new app should give clubs, leagues and players the chance to offer their own crypto assets based on blockchain innovation. Supporters in turn, can use the platform to purchase and store the digital asset trading possibilities. Earlier this year, news reported that being able to interact and own virtual items is arguably one of the most important drivers for the NFT. With the new plan, OneFootball could now target both business chances in order to inspire supporters for football in new ways.

The soccer app has raised 300 million from investors. The recent capital should flow into the expansion and the streaming offer. OneFootball told papers on Thursday that 300 million had been raised from investors. The capital injection was led by Liberty City Ventures from USA. According to an insider, OneFootball cracks the billion valuation and becomes a main point in the field of investment bankers. Among others, DAH and RIT Capital participated in the round, it was said. According to the app, clubs such as Barcelona, ​ Bayern and Real Madrid have long been shareholders. The company, founded almost 15 years ago, now wants to use the recent money to expand and expand the streaming offer.

OneFootball NFT Companies
OneFootball NFT Companies

According to OneFootball, it currently has more than 100 million monthly users who can find out about scores and statistics, read news or watch video tutorials. Now company founder also wants to introduce new offers such as NFTs – a kind of proof of ownership for digital items or blockchain innovation.

An NFT  is traded on the blockchain and has a certain uniqueness. According to the report, all Premier League teams could launch NFTs and rake in hundreds of millions of pounds in return. The Premier League could thus follow a comparable step by the US Basketball League. There are already NFTs to be collected from individual players, such as Neymar or Messi.


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