What NFTs and Blockchain Are Doing In Art?

Money can now also be made with NFTs on the regular art market. Ever since art works sold their digital entitled ones: We know: sometimes even a lot of money. The dictionary does not yet list the term, but it has long since slipped smoothly off the lips of many people.

Word has also got around that this is the abbreviation for NFT’s. These non-exchangeable files of ownership ensure buyers the uniqueness of the information constellation that, strictly speaking, their acquisition consists of. Pop art of the next generation, so to speak: while Andy Warhol and others made mass-produced items the concept of unique pieces, today an NFT ensures the way  of a digital work, which means that it can be reproduced at will.

In fact, NFTs are considered to be counterfeit-proof because they are recorded in a so-called blockchain. This chain of information, which can be expanded indefinitely, must be understood as a kind of cash book, which will one day also make the question of provenance research superfluous because, as the people at least emphasize, it allows complete tracking and subsequent changes are impossible. If you want to own such a work, you should own a wallet filled with cryptocurrency.

What NFTs and Blockchain Are Doing In Art
What NFTs and Blockchain Are Doing In Art

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Hybrid Of Exhibition And Lecture 

The union of NFT investors is still relatively small. In any case, not as large as the number of supposed users who are currently talking about it as a matter of course. Changing that is the aim of the plan. 

Quality Of Course, Is Becoming Less Important

The screens are embedded in an analogue backdrop between an antiquated living room complete with lamp and rotary phone and a holiday setting with deck chairs, air mattresses and parasols. This is intended to signal that NFTs make you independent of visiting a museum and that you can access them in any situation, as long as you have a device at hand – and don’t ask about proportion, relationship to space and, last but not least, about the third dimension.


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