Most Expensive NFT Monkey

Each NFT has a unique identifying place stored in each owner’s purse. This address can be used to prove great ownership of a specific NFT. Quite similar to NFT (among the top 5 most expensive NFTs so far), buyers can get nft monkeys.

There is a long history of people affectionately calling themselves monkeys in the crypto market. That’s why some of the rarest and most valuable NFTs in the Cryptopunk selection are the monkeys. We liked the idea of creating a whole list of monkeys who have become so rich from the rise of cryptocurrencies that they are very bored. And what would a bored monkey do? Maybe retreat to a secret club in the swamp, say the creators them.

Expensive NFT Monkey
Expensive NFT Monkey

The average selling price for BAYC  for example is currently over 275,000 dollars. Some of the monkeys with particularly rare attributes (like accessories, outfits) are offered and traded for millions of dollars. The currently highest offer on the market.

The bored monkeys with exaggerated personalities have been causing a stir since their birth for two years almost. Some are enthusiastic about the works of art and the trend, others have absolutely nothing to do with them or even find this movement repulsive. Regardless, one thing is clear: whether it’s bored monkeys or other crypto creatures of the animal kingdom, they’re likely to keep us busy for a long time to come.


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