NFT Promotion – How To Promote Your NFT Collection

All of a sudden, a new innovation seems to be turning the art market upside down. So-called NFTs are intended to make digital works of art unique. And achieve prices in the collection. Apparently, they are also a way for small artists to make a living from their art. But where do these NFTs come from, where can you buy them and why are they promoted?

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NFTs As A Chance For Small Artists

In fact, by auctioning and selling NFTs, some independent and previously unknown artists are suddenly experiencing unexpected attention – and the feeling that they can make a living with and from their art. These include, who auctioned a render image of a 3D landscape and other works for similar and higher amounts on the platforms.

NFT Promotion
NFT Promotion

Why Should You Create NFTs For Fundraising?

Businesses already have access to some wonderful crowdfunding places. So why would a company create a fundraising NFT instead of participating in it? The main difference is the reason that the NFT is based on the blockchain. The blockchain makes everything open and traceable, so that the foundation can understand everything exactly. With transparency, they can see exactly where the money is coming from and where it’s going, giving them much more purchasing strength than before. And on the business side, investors stay connected because everything is stored on the blockchain. You can continue to build on the fund you’ve already laid by airdropping additional value or rewards to the people who funded your own NFT during your fundraiser.

Curated Platforms

This field of the NFT marketplace allows only authorized ones to mine or create art coins. They mainly focus on high digital art, not just standard and low quality collections. Platforms are curated as marketplaces. They have higher fees and less flexibility in the royalties you can budget for your artwork.

Self Platforms

 This field of peer to peer marketplace allows anyone to build their NFT with whatever they want. So you can create your NFT with an image, a tutorial or a file. Also, you can set the % of royalties you want to charge for each token sale. Platforms fall under this section. One danger linked with this section of NFT marketplaces is that there tend to be too many scammers.

Buy Cryptocurrencies To Fill Your Wallet

All of the NFT platforms require an upfront payment for minting, the procedure of converting your artwork into a non-fungible that you can sell on a marketplace. In most cases, payment must be made in cryptocurrency. This means that you must first buy cryptocurrency to cover the fees before you have a chance to make money selling an NFT of your work.

Ether for example, is the most widely accepted currency as it is the native cryptocurrency of the open-source, where NFTs were first introduced. However, some platforms are beginning to accept a variety of payment forms and create NFTs with other platforms.


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