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In the Metaverse, users should shop, play and attend concerts or meetings. The social medias have announced that it will invest a lot of capital here. And that has caused the prices of Metaverse tokens and coins to explode. Metaverse cryptocurrencies are crypto plans that are developing a Metaverse themselves. Because in all likelihood there will not be just one metaverse, but many different ones that can be connected in different ways. Numerous metaverse and tokens are based on the blockchain, such as SAND and ENJ. If the corresponding strategies go well, the blockchain also drives up. Examples of Metaverse coins are:

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Enjin Coin

The price of the Enjin Coin has also recently risen sharply and reached an all-time high of 4.80 dollars. Founded for 12 years, Enjin’s 20-country development team is building its own Metaverse. The blockchain Efinity, which is based on cryptocurrency, claims to create a product that will help humanity create advanced virtual finances through the power of crypto innovation. Enjin announced a 100 million Metaverse fund for Efinity. The Metaverse fund is created to support the partners involved in building the network.

Enjin Coin
Enjin Coin

Axie Infinity

The subject of Axie Infinity is also: play to earn, players can earn money while playing. Axie Infinity is one of the well known blockchain games and according to its own statements, the number one among Ethereum – measured by daily, weekly and monthly users. It has managed more than 13,000 ETH in revenue so far. While a fun game, Axie has also taken on the tools of a social network and job network because of the strong community and earning potential. The Metaverse Axie Infinity is an ERC-20 governance token. AXS token holders can participate in voting on the future development of the game and benefit from price development in the procedure.

Metaverse Token Forecast

How will Metaverse coin prices develop? Large corporations see enormous potential in the Metaverse and invest a lot of money here. This drives the prices of the Metaverse coins. However, it is not yet clear which Metaverse coins will actually prevail and which will eventually disappear again. Investing in cryptocurrencies is still high-danger business. Even with a positive forecast, investors must definitely reckon with heavily fluctuating prices for Metaverse coins. Broad diversification to reduce cluster risk also makes sense when investors buy Metaverse coins.


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