How To Create NFT’s Yourself

An NFT is a unique and therefore non-exchangeable crypto asset. With the love for crypto money, interest in NFTs has also grown in the recent past. The tokens gained notoriety primarily through news of  artworks that have sold for millions. Apparently, however, all digital money that can be tokenized can be an NFT – in addition to works of art, for example, tutorials or pieces of music. And the NFT trend has not even stopped at the actual estate market.

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Trending NFTs

In the sector of digital art, blockchain innovation has added value. This could be seen, for example, at auctions first – purely digital art. But of course there is not only the chance of buying NFTs – as an artist, for example, you can also create and sell NFTs yourself. You don’t necessarily need to know digital money in detail to do this, but you should have some simple knowledge and be willing to invest in a cryptocurrency, because this is a prerequisite for creating your own NFT.

Create NFT Yourself
Create NFT Yourself

First of all, of course, you need a digital item – such as an image or a song – which is perfectly stored in a common way that the network on which the item  is to be offered will also accept it. It is also very important that you are the author or owner of the rights to the product you want to sell.

In order to be able to sell your own NFT, you have to create your own digital wallet at the beginning. According to the platforms, it is recommended to set up a crypto wallet since most NFT marketplaces are based on the crypto assets. The corresponding currency, in this case should then be bought so that a certain amount is available in the digital wallet, as fees may be incurred when creating or selling the NFTs. In order to find out what amount makes sense, you can find out in advance what fees are charged at the regular marketplace for creating or selling NFTs. 

The next step is to select a place where the digital product is then minted – i.e. converted into an NFT and released for sale. The wallet must then be linked to the hosting exchange and the artwork uploaded, including the name and description.

In order to be able to sell your own NFT, certain data must be provided, either when uploading it or later when selling it (if the NFTs are not offered for sale on the exchange by default). One of the details that needs to be provided is whether the NFT is to be auctioned or sold at a price. In addition, royalties can be set, a % of the sales price that the seller receives for each sale of the NFT. In addition, the accepted currency must also be specified – whereby as a seller you should select the currency that you also own yourself. Since NFTs are not tied to the exchange on which they are created, but reside on the blockchain, they can also be offered across different ones.

NFTs Are Not Quite Mainstream Yet

But even if the hype is increasingly towards NFTs and everyone can create and sell NFTs themselves, these tokens have not yet completely arrived in the mainstream. At least that’s the opinion. Commodities need to become more affordable and easier to purchase. Firms have a responsibility to think about how they can make NFTs more attractive to customers.


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