How To Create An NFT Digital Art And Sell It

Not only investors but also digital art can make a lot of money from NFTs. But how do you create and sell your own NFT? You need to know.

Innovation researchers predict the ultimate breakthrough for this year. But there are also critical voices: they talk of a huge conjectural bubble. Buyers and sellers should be aware of the danger: If demand and publicity for an object decrease, the NFT can lose value rapidly. From an investor’s point of view, however, NFTs enable a whole new level of assets. This makes the crypto certificates of ownership based on cryptographic ledger innovation increasingly interesting for art as well. Where to buy NFTs is well known to digital asset lovers. But how do you create and sell your own NFT? What to look out for when creating and selling NFTs.

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What Are The Benefits For Artists?

NFTs serve to secure ownership of crypto as well as real goods. Artists can thus offer their works worldwide. In this way, they can avoid auctions and gallery owners who charge buyers a surcharge on the price. Additionally, creators of NFTs can benefit from resale. In this case, creators scheme royalties into the digital world of their works. If the NFT is resold, the art immediately receives a certain percentage of the sales price.

How To Create An NFT Digital Art
How To Create An NFT Digital Art

Create NFT Yourself: What Are The Requirements?

Anyone can create an NFT, no reputation as an artist is required. The necessity is that you hold the ownership rights to the artwork that you want to sell in the shape of an NFT. You will also need a digital wallet and some coins to pay fees and eventually receive cryptocurrencies as payment when the NFT is sold. Since most NFTs are based on the Ethereum, it is advisable to buy Ether.

Are NFTs Free To Create?

Artists should also find out about the costs and fees in advance. The fees differ from exchange to exchange. NFTs can now be created for free on many marketplaces. The offer and the competition on the exchanges are correspondingly high. At the same time, NFTs also reach a broad audience there.

Create Art

An NFT can be anything that can be tokenized. In addition to works of art, parallel works of art, tutorials or trading cards can also be sold as NFT. However, the most valuable NFTs currently are works of art. Those who are less inclined can hire a designer to create their NFTs with internet based marketplaces. Most successful ones are part of a collection. Many digital works therefore create an entire collection at once and not an independent NFT. 

Create NFT

Next, the creator selects a marketplace where the artwork will be converted into an NFT to offer for sale. The procedure is also known as embossing. Once minted, it is impossible to edit the file stored. In addition to the upcoming fees of the private networks, the creators should also find out about the categories of the marketplaces. For example, in terms of the permitted files and sizes. If all the data is there, you have successfully created the NFT. 

Sell NFT

In order for your NFT to be visible to buyers, you must register it for sale. To do this, click on “Sell”. Now you have to decide which tokens will be accepted as payment and whether you want to sell your NFT at a stable price or with an auction. If you decide to go through an auction, you must set a low bid. The % that the creator receives when the NFT changes hands is also set here. Once the procedure is fulfilled, the audience on the marketplace can be made aware of the NFTs. 


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