Cardboard bag

Cardboard bag manufacturing is a frequently preferred type of packaging today. It is frequently used in many sectors, thanks to its many advantages such as being environmentally friendly, being easily transported and being produced in different sizes. So how is cardboard bag manufacturing done?
The manufacture of cardboard bag can be accomplished in a few simple steps. First, the thickness and dimensions of the cardboard to be used are determined. Next, the process of cutting and bending the cardboard is carried out. At this stage, the shape of the bag is given and the edges are glued. Then, the handles of the bag are made and finally the printing process is performed. The printing process may differ according to the customer’s demands and logo, colors or texts can be added on the bag.
The cardboard material used in the manufacture of cardboard bags generally has a thick and durable structure. In this way, it is ensured that the products to be placed in the bag can be transported without being damaged during transportation. In addition, the fact that cardboard material is recyclable makes it an environmentally friendly type of packaging.
Cardboard bag manufacturing is used in many sectors. Especially in the retail sector, customers are offered bags to carry their products. In addition, the use of cardboard bags is common in the food industry. Restaurants, cafes and fast food chains offer their customers cardboard bags to carry their meals.

The manufacture of cardboard bags can be made in different sizes and shapes. In this way, different types of bags can be produced according to the needs of the customers. For example, small sized cardboard bags can be used for cosmetics, souvenirs or small sized food products. Large cardboard bags, on the other hand, are ideal for transporting clothing, shoes and other oversized items.
Cardboard bag manufacturing is a common type of packaging used in many industries today. Thanks to its thick and durable cardboard material, the products can be transported without being damaged during transportation. You can contact us for all your printed or unprinted cardboard bag needs.


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